Natural Homeopathic Thumb Sucking Deterrent for Kids

The only dentist approved natural deterrent available to help break the thumb sucking habit of children.

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Product Features

Easy, No-Mess Dispense and Application

Non-Toxic, Non-Staining

Made with Natural Ingredients

Gluten Free. Dentist Approved

Caring for Our Kids, Naturally

" TTNT is a great product and I recommend it to all my patients with thumb-sucking habits! "

Kevin E. Smith, DDS


Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™ is the only dentist approved, homeopathic thumb sucking remedy specifically formulated for kids.  Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™ is created by caring parents, for caring parents.  See our story.  

Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!’s™ is a non-toxic, non-staining formula that helps deter thumb sucking*. Made from natural ingredients, our product is not meant to punish your child; it is meant to safely remind your child to break his or her habit.  See the full list of product benefits here.

*The use for our product is based on traditional homeopathic practice. This use has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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