Our Story

My name is Steven McBride, founder of Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™. I am the proud father of a wonderful little girl who was also a habitual thumb sucker. At first, her mother and I thought she would grow out of this bad habit. However as she got older she continued to suck her thumb.

It was our pediatrician who first mentioned that this self soothing yet possibly harmful habit had started the onset of our daughters malocclusion (aka: improperly aligned teeth), as well as a cause of her soft, brittle nails. We searched for a solution on how to stop thumb sucking. We researched many finger sucking and thumb sucking solutions that were available and could only find dangerous anti thumb sucking nail polishes that were made from hazardous chemicals. Most options were toxic and flammable, and none were formulated specifically for children. We even tried a plastic strap-on thumb guard that cost over $40.00! She simply refused to wear it and would slip it off her thumb as soon as we were out of sight. It was a complete waste of time and money, and resulted in a whole lot of crying and frustration.  

We decided that any artificial, flammable, toxic substance was simply unacceptable for our child to ingest or put on her thumb to absorb through her skin!

With that, Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™ was born!  We enlisted a natural chemist to help create a safe, natural thumb sucking deterrent for all kids age 2+. Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™ utilizes our patent pending formula consisting of only natural and safe ingredients. It is non-toxic, gluten free, dentist approved and is completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, and acetone, which are commonly found in other products.  

From one caring parent to another, I hope Thumb Thumb NO THUMB!™ takes the worry out of helping to break your child’s harmful thumb sucking and/or finger sucking habit.

All the best to you and your child!

Our Mission

To create effective and safe products for a healthier life.   Our promise to you is that our natural homeopathic products are made with your kids and our kids in mind. Our safe and natural formulas will always be free of harmful chemicals and substances.